Congrats on making the decision to get started with BitClub Network!

You are now on the verge of securing your financial independence, building a legacy, and creating wealth for future generations through your membership of BitClub Network. Don’t be put off by the steps involved!

If you need any help or assistance during the sign-up process, just pick up the phone and call us any time @ (US) 1-480-999-5994 — or contact us via Skype, FB messenger, email or Telegram, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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If you’re in the US, follow Step #1 below.

Residents of all other countries can proceed straight to Step #2 below.


First of all, you’ll need what we call a VPN, so you can automatically mask/hide your US-based IP address — otherwise you’ll not be able to register.

There are many VPN options available, but from our experience, we’ve found one of the best free options is to download the Opera browser, available FREE for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Click here (or click the Opera button below) to visit the page and download your required version.
(Do this right now so we can move on to the next step!)

opera browser free download bit club network bitcoin mining US

After downloading your new Opera browser, all you need do is: click download… click “Install”… after installation click the red “O” logo (top left of your browser)… choose “Settings” from the dropdown menu… click on “Privacy & Security”… then in the VPN section, click the “Enable VPN” checkbox – and you’re done!

If you click the blue VPN icon, (to the left of your browser address window), you’ll see that your VPN is now turned ON, and you’ll also see the alternate non-US IP address & location you are now using – just like the example below:

VPN example bitclub network vpn

If you come unstuck for any reason, here’s a quick video that explains the quick & simple Opera download & set-up procedure as outlined above:

Alternatively, you can sign up to PureVPN – billed as the world’s most reliable VPN service – it only costs a few dollars a month and comes with a risk-free 7 day trial and a money back guarantee. For more info visit:

With your new VPN & IP address up & running, you can now proceed to STEP #2

step 2


PLEASE NOTE: Due to a recent BitClub system upgrade — and the current Bitcoin/BTC network speed and processing fees — payment for your Mining Pool shares can only be made via BITCOIN CASH (BCH.) You therefore have the option to either purchase Bitcoin Cash directly (which I’d recommend) – or – you can acquire regular Bitcoin (BTC) from a reputable crypto exchange, then simply convert your Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash.

The remainder of this registration & funding overview page will therefore be based on purchasing Bitcoin Cash directly. Be sure to contact me directly if you need any further help or assistance regarding buying your Bitcoin Cash or making your Mining Pool share payment.


Prior to registering with BitClub Network and making your initial mining pool package purchase, you’ll need to have the required amount of Bitcoin Cash available. Click here to instantly calculate the amount of Bitcoin Cash you will need to fund your initial $99 registration fee and your mining pool share purchase. Allow around a 5% fee to cover your exchange & purchase fees… so for a Founders Pool share for example, your initial Bitcoin Cash purchase should be around $3,770.

If you already have a Bitcoin Cash funded wallet, you can skip forward to Step #3.

If you don’t yet have a funded Bitcoin Cash wallet, click here (or click the button below) in order to set one up with Coinbase — the world’s most popular way to buy, sell, and use crypto-currencies. Coinbase accept customers worldwide. US based customers can also fund their account by ACH or US bank wire transfer.

Contact me if you need any assistance with the setting up & funding of your wallet.

join coinbase genesis mining

(After funding your account with $100 or more, Coinbase will also credit your account with a free $10 bonus.)

In addition, and depending upon your geographic location, check out the options for buying Bitcoin Cash via the website links below. Signing up is quick & free, and will enable you to buy Bitcoin Cash via credit card or bank wire transfer – after verification.

Once your wallet is set up & funded with the required amount of Bitcoin Cash, you can proceed to Step #3

step 3


With your Bitcoin Cash wallet successfully set up & funded, click the button below to register with BitClub Network (as part of our VIP team) and pay your one-time $99 membership & registration fee…

join bitclub network today!

In the sign up form, simply enter your details (name, email, username, password) & click the Create Account button.

Note: If we have already registered you on the system, you have no need to register a second time. Just click the MEMBER LOGIN button and proceed to the Email verification step instead, as detailed below.

initial bit club network sign up form v2

After creating your account, you’ll now need to VERIFY YOUR EMAIL, as in the screenshot below.

Here’s how you do that:

  • Click the SEND VERIFICATION CODE button,
  • Check your email inbox (and Spam folder) for the Verification Code email sent to you by the system,
  • Copy & paste your Verification Code into the box,
  • Click the Verify Email button to complete the process…

bitclub network verification code bitcoin mining bitcoin cash

Once you see the on-screen confirmation that you’re verified, click the Welcome link, top left hand corner of your screen, then scroll down the page and click the green Upgrade My Account button…

v2 bitclub network bitcoin mining bitcoin cash

On the next screen, follow the instructions to pay your one-time $99 membership fee:

The exact amount of Bitcoin Cash to send will be listed, together with the address to send your Bitcoin Cash to (highlighted in the screenshot below.)

All you need do now is copy & paste the amount to send and the recipient address into the relevant Sending screen sections of your Bitcoin Cash wallet. If you’re using a mobile wallet, just scan the QR code (below the address) to make your payment.

Note: You should make your payment within 10 minutes from arriving at this page, in order to lock in the correct amount of Bitcoin Cash to send, otherwise you will need to start the process again…

$99 bitclub network bitcoin mining bitcoin cash

After making your payment,
your screen should refresh and you’ll see a Payment Received message…

bitclub network $99 payment received confirmation

With your $99 membership successfully paid & squared away, you can now make your Mining Pool purchase.

Here’s how you do that:

Under the Shop dropdown menu (top right of your screen), click the Buy Mining Shares option…

bitclub network - click SHOP then BUY MINING SHARES

On the next screen you can then choose the Mining Pool (or GPU Pool) you wish to buy…

bitclub network mining pool pricing bitcoin mining v2

Once you’ve made your mining pool selection, follow the same on-screen payment procedure as you did when you made your $99 membership fee payment, by copying & pasting the amount to send (and the address to send to) into your chosen Bitcoin wallet – as in the example screenshot below…

$3500 founders pool share - bitclub network bitcoin mining bitcoin cash


After making your Mining Pool payment, you can check on the current status of your order by clicking the My Orders option under the My Account dropdown menu…

my account my order bitclub network

Once your purchase has been updated from Pending to Confirmed (this can take up to 24-48 hours) – as in the example screenshot below…

Founder Pool order confirmed bitclub network

— you can proceed to set up the repurchase level of your Mining Pool.

To do this, click the 0.00000 in the Mining Earnings section, top right of your screen…

click mining earnings link bitclub network

— then on the next screen, choose your Repurchase Percent from the dropdown menu next to each of the 3 Pools – being sure to click the Change Pool button to confirm your % choice for each pool.

You can choose any % you wish, but for maximum long-term profitability, we’d strongly recommend you set each Pool repurchase level to 100%. This way, 100% of your mining profits will be used to purchase additional pool shares every day.

Here’s an example screenshot based on choosing the Repurchase Percent for the Founder Position (which includes all 3 Pools)…

repurchase SET to 100 percent bitclub network

Confirmation of your Pool repurchase level/s will then be displayed in the main panel, top left corner of your screen…

bitclub network 100 percent repurchase on all 3 founders pools

Note: If you have chosen a Repurchase Percent of less than 100%, you should add your Bitcoin wallet address to the system so you can receive your daily mining share.

Here’s how you do that:

Click the Bitcoin Wallet option from the My Wallets dropdown menu… enter your Bitcoin wallet address in the space provided… then click the Save button to save your info to the system…

save your bitcoin wallet address bitclub network

If you’ve followed all the steps above, you are now properly set up and ready to start making money with BitClub Network

DON’T FORGET: There’s a 30 day activation period that must elapse between your initial mining pool purchase, and your actual mining starting. That’s because when you join BitClub Network, you’re actually buying physical Bitcoin mining hardware – and 30 days are needed so it can be shipped to the main data center to be configured, prior to deployment.

Take your income to the next level as an active BitClub Network Affiliate!

If you choose to refer others — which is purely optional — you’ll earn commissions from every person you refer to BitClub Network, and anytime they purchase a Mining Pool share. You’ll also earn a commission each & every time a re-purchase is made by anyone in your organization – giving you a passive residual income for life. Take a step back for a second and think about just how lucrative that could be over the months & years ahead.

In addition, you’ll have access to everything you need to make spreading the word of BitClub Network as simple and as effortless as possible… including your very own mobile-friendly promotional website, sales funnel & sign-up page (just like the website you’re in right now) — PLUS you’ll also receive access to your exclusive VIP Member Back Office where we’ll show you all the different online & offline marketing options you can deploy at little or no cost.

For a fully detailed overview of how the BitClub Network pay plan works, and all the lucrative income streams you can benefit from as an active affiliate, click the Compensation Plan option from the Resources dropdown menu in your BitClub Network back office – or watch the pay plan overview video in the FAQ section of our main website.

Here’s how to set yourself up for automatic commissions – and rank yourself (and your team) as quickly as possible:

As an active affiliate, the “3 position strategy” is one I’d strongly recommend. Here’s how you do that:

Step 1 — Sign up, pay your $99 registration fee and buy a mining pool for your initial account (Position #1.)

Step 2 — Create 2 additional BitClub Network accounts (and pay the $99 for each account), making sure they are both sponsored by your original position, and using 2 different email addresses. You can do this by clicking the Enroll Member link, top right of your back office screen.

Note:  If you have a gmail account, you can do this easily without the need to set up 2 new email accounts. For example, if your current email address is, just add +BC2 or +BC3 after your name and you’ll instantly have 2 “new” additional email addresses, where the emails will still come into your main email inbox. In this example, your 2 new email addresses would be &

Step 3 — After you’ve set both additional accounts up, (we’ll call them Position #2 & Position #3), log into each of those positions and buy a mining pool account for each new position also.

Step 4 — Log into your main position back office… click the Binary Tree option under the My Team tab… then click the Select User box to place your 2nd position in the Open Position LEFT box (and click Add Member), and your 3rd position in the Open Position RIGHT box (and click Add Member), as in the screenshot below…

3 positions V3 bitclub network

Once you’ve done that, your Binary Tree should be successfully set up – as in the following example…

3 positions V2 bitclub network

Be sure to do this as soon as you sign up, and before your sponsor starts building under you!

Note: Once your 3 positions are set up as in the example screenshot above, you should initially start referring people under your initial position (Position #1). You can start referring people under your Positions #2 & #3 at a later date, once overall team momentum builds.

Thanks for visiting our website today…

If you need any help or assistance during the sign-up process, just pick up the phone and call us any time @ (US) 1-480-999-5994 — or contact us via Skype, FB messenger, email or Telegram, and we’ll be happy to help you.

You’re also welcome to click here to submit a VIP Callback Request, so we can call you and answer all your questions.

We look forward to working with you, and helping you generate yourself a substantial residual income over the months & years ahead with BitClub Network.

Make it an awesome day!

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